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Date: 12/5/2015 
Time: 9:00AM_SATURDAY 
694 N Russell RD- Stanfield, Arizona (West of Casa Grande, Arizona) 
Directions: I-8 West of Casa Grand, AZ to Montgomery Rd, North to Hwy 845, West to Russell. Best Motel: Motel 6 at Exit 200 I-10, Best Restaurant: Golden 9 at Exit 200 I-10 
Items/Vehicles/Machinary(English): YEAR MAKE/MODEL VIN/SERIAL NUMBERS 2003 Ford F250 XLT 1FTNF20FXEA46933 2002 Chevy S10 1GCCT19W528204816 2008 Ford F250 4X4 3/4 Ton 1FTSW21R28EB36421 2005 Sterling AT9500 2FWBA3CG45AU62637 1998 Chevy S14 P/U 1GCCS1449WK234547 2003 NH BW28 STKCruise 1330028 2012 NH H9880 STKCRSR YBG650401 2011 CASE WD2303 Swather YBG663918 2015 CASE HDX 182 Sickle Header YEG609186 2011 CASE WD2303 Swather YBG663920 2011 CASE WD2303 Swather YBG663319 2015 CASE IH HDX182 Sickle Hdr YEG609187 2012 Hesston 1843S Sm Baler SCHB55139 2012 Hesston 1843S Sm Baler SCB55127 2012 Hesston 1843S Sm Baler SCHB55128 2012 Krone 1290 HDP Baler 12836907 2012 Krone 1290 HDP Baler 12836911 2012 Hesston 1843S Sm Baler SCHB55129 2000 B & C Hay Trailer 200 B & C Hay Trailer 1986 Central Freig PUP 1PNK281B3XK220868 1986 Central Freig PUP 1PNK28189XK220714 1986 Central Freig PUP 1PNK281B2XK221008 1986 Road Systems CFR281021 PUP 1RZ1KA1A1G1003565 1988 Road Systems CFR281021 PUP 1RZ1A1A7J1002315 2012 CASE Maxxum MX 140 Tractor ZCBE11763 2012 CASE 200CVT Puma Tractor ZBR503642 2012 CASE Maxxum MX 140 Tractor ZCBS11844 2011 JD 4630 Sprayer 1N04630XPB0013724 2012 CASE 200CVT Puma Tractor ZBBS17517 2012 CASE IH 95U Tractor ZCIL04460 2012 CASE IH 85U Tractor ZCIL03993 2006 MF 583 Tractor 9365BT23041 2001 CASE 6210 Loader JEE0138669 2011 UNK 12' Disk 2008 Landpride DH3510 Disk 574085 2001 WA Border Disk BLP3263-8 2012 Custom Row Buck 2000 CASE 540 Grain Drill JAG0852549 2000 Brillion ALF Seeder 3 PT 110226 2000 Great Plains Pivot Hitch 200 2000 Spec Const Row Buck 2011 Spec Const RING Roller 2011 Int'l 183 Cultivator 2011 Int'l 133 8 Row Cultivator 2006 Volvo Equip Trailer 1DA72D5526C018267 2011 UNK Portable Scale 2011 Spec Const Border Disk 2011 CASE 1210 8 Row PLT YB5028697 2014 Rhino R950 Hyd Blade 16211 2014 Koening DWK Border Disk 3141416 2011 S & A Compost Spreader 4590 2011 Wilcox Ripper 2014 Stephen Stephen CLMP-4 bar Bale Rack 1D9EG12HXCD22139 2011 Krause 4300 Spg Harrow 2011 Bushog Disk 2011 JD Planter (JD 71?) JD 6 Row Defoliation Broom, JD 2408 Rotary Cutter, JD 9350 Grain Drill, AMCO 6 Row Injection Cultivator w/Tank, AMCO 6 Row Injection Cultivator, Lilliston 6 Row Lay By Rig, JD 5’Single Shank /ripper, JD 3 Shank Furrow Ripper, AC Spring Tooth Cultivator, AMCO 185 13 6 Offset Disc, JD 6 Row Lister w/Marker Arms, AMCI 6 Row Lister, JD 515 Grain Drill, JD 12 Tandem Offset Disc, JD M220 Folding Disc, Farmall Tractor#3, Shop Made Bed Shaper w/Canopy, AG TEC 5004 Blower,2-NH 144 Hay Inverters, Farmall Tractor #2, Farmall Tractor #1A, Lilliston 6 Row Lay By Rig W/Tank & Sprayer, Schmeiser 16’ Hyd Cultipacker, IH 6 Row Seed Bed Conditioner, IH M315 Packer Mulcher, Sankeem 610 Mulcher, JF 9 Shank Renovator, Lilliston 6 Row Scratcher, AMCO 12’ Renovator, Row Buck, Monosem 2 Row Planter 80” Bed Sled, 2- 2 Row Injection Cultivator 80” Beds, 2 Row Plastic Layer w/Spreader, 2 Row Bed Shaper 80” Beds, 2 Row Lister 80” Beds, Water Truck - 3500 gallons, Manure/Silage Truck - has a Kirby bed for silage or manure,Rooknife, Shovel Lister, Lilliston Cultivator, JD Rip-Lister, JD 7300 Air Planter, JD 315 15’ Center Cut Disc, Cultipak, 16’ Disc 6 Row Mulcher, Bale Picks, Goodyear 20.-38 Tire, 2-12 4-42 Tractor Tires/JD Rims, 2-Firestone Tractor /tires 14.9R46, Ύ ton Chevy Rear End, Air Compressor, Chemical Tank, Fuel Tank, Hydraulic Portable Pressure Washer, Misc Tank & Valve, Propane Tank, 2-Propane Tanks, Wakashaw Natural Gas Engine w/Clutch, JD 6400 Tractor-100HP SN: L06400H135082, JD 6400 Tractor-100HP SN: L06400H14417, SPRINKLER IRRIGATION EQUIPMENT Location: Stanfield, Arizona 85172 Approximately 130 acres of Rain for Rent brand aluminum hand set irrigation pipe, and Cornell pump unit. 10 inch main line. Approximately 920 feet of 10” main line. 23 joints 40 feet long. 8 inch line. Approximately 2140 feet of Rain for Rent 8” aluminum pipe: 29 joints of 8 inch x 30 feet = 870feet. 29 joints of 8 inch x 40 feet = 1160 feet. Total 2030 feet of 8” line. 6 inch line. Approximately 2840 feet of Rain for Rent 6” aluminum pipe: 70joints of 6” x 40 feet = 2800 feet. 2 joints of 6” x 20 feet = 40 feet 2840 feet 3 inch aluminum latch style lateral pipe with 18” swedged risers and Rain Bird impact sprinklers. Approximately 9,450 feet of Rain for Rent 3” aluminum pipe. 315 joints of 3”pipe by 30 feet long. Approximately 80 joints require risers. Seven pallets of various fittings. Reducers, elbows, clamp rings, risers, end caps, valves etc. Fittings consisting of various elbows, couplers, pipe size transitions, pipe plugs, various size valves, ring clamps and risers. Pump Unit One, covered self -contained trailer mounted Cornell pump. Trailer mount has a built in 250 gallon steel fuel tank. The Cornell pump model is 4RB63B4-4, S.N 72344 with a 6 inch intake and a 4 inch discharge, with a manual priming pump powered by a 4 cylinder, normally aspirated John Deere diesel engine, Model JD-T04309D3853073 S,N. 4814 hours.

There will be a  $500.00  deposit required at time of registration.

There are 174 Image(s) listed for this auction.

There is NEVER a "Buyers Premium" charged/collected at any of our auctions.

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